2013 at Fast Lap Go Karting Las Vegas and Southern California

Here at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing we are looking forward to 2013. With racing events planned throughout the year, to adding to our fleet of Sodi Race Karts as well as a new timing and scoring system where all our racers will be able to log-in and get their racing time on any computer or smart phone. Stay tuned for a couple of Fast Lap affiliate tracks to open in Mid 2013 on the East Coast as well as a possible additional track in California. 2013 looks to be a great year in racing overall, with the new F1 Race in Austin being such a great success in 2012 and IndyCar with more drivers and great racing venues and of course NASCAR, 2013 looks like a great year for racing. Come and get you’re “Real Racing” experience at Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing!


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