40MPH Go Kart Racing 3 Blocks From The Strip

Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing In Las Vegas

Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing In Las Vegas

Las Vegas’s only gas powered indoor kart racing facility is only 3 blocks from the famous “Las Vegas Strip”. If you want to walk it, start out at the Cosmopolitan(South side of the street) and walk west two blocks to Polaris Ave. At Polaris Ave turn right and head north one block(You should see the Rio in the backdrop) after walking the block on the right side you will see a large building with the front portion having a fenced off area with Fast Lap Banners draped on it. You have reached the best Indoor Kart Racing Center on the West Coast! One quarter mile road course with 9 challenging turns where you can race with up to ten drivers at speeds up to 40 mph. If you think you’re fast enough then Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is your race place! Next time in Vegas get your group together and have private races and race programs to suit your needs! Fast Lap is a Bachelor, Birthday party favorite as well as company events! Book it Dano! The busy season is coming up fast!

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