We do our best over the past 8 years to give you the most authentic real racing in Honda Gas Powered Sodi Race Karts. You simply can’t get the real racing experience in anything other than a lightweight gas powered race kart built by the premier kart builder for in and outdoor race courses…. Sodi-Kart. They have been building Championship Outdoor Race Karts that travel at speeds greater than 100mph, yes, you heard it right, 100mph. Some of the best drivers in racing, started racing go-karts and Sodi has been one of the top names since the 70’s! For that reason we at Fast Lap chose Sodi-kart when they decided to build Indoor Race Karts. Build much like the outdoor kart the only real difference is the engine, the Indoor Karts use a 4 stroke with a top speed of just about 50 mph. That is plenty fast when you have several friends behind you trying to chase you down and pass for the win! Because of the 1/4 mile roadcourse with several turns in our 50k square foot warehouse your top speed is just about 40 mph, so you have to use the brake and get off the gas on some of the turns. If your looking for some adreniline pumping fun, come to FastLap Indoor Karting! Here’s a typical review we get often here at Fast Lap:

I took my boyfriend here on a surprise date. He had no idea where we were going because the place is located on Paradise right before the road turns into a dead end. Once we turned into the parking lot he said, “Fast Lap? Oh my god, we’re going to Fast Lap!? My friends at work have been telling me about this place. This is awesome!” We walked in and were greeted by a woman at the front desk. We showed her our voucher for 2 races for 2 people and she had us each fill out a waiver (that’s when you know things are about to get intense). Then she brought us to the back room where we had to watch a short video on safety precautions and Fast Lap rules. After we were finished with that, we put our
belongings in a little locker and suited up in some kickass jumpsuits. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had one that wasn’t ginormous on me, seeing as I am under 5ft.

Once we were suited up, we went to the racing area, got on our helmets and gloves, and waited to be called up for our first race. There
was no one else there at the time, so it was just Don and I that got called up. We were given neck collars for added protection and two carts were assigned to us. I was glad they didn’t have me get into a junior sized cart, since I didn’t reach the 60in. requirement for an adult sized cart (maybe they just assumed I wasn’t that short), but they did have to put two pillows on my chair so I could reach the pedals! Once we took off on the lap, Don immediately zoomed off far ahead of me. I guess I’m too much of a paranoid driver to really race here, but I enjoyed going through all the twists and turns of the track, even though Don overlapped me like 3 times, literally. I didn’t even keep track of how many times we went around the lap, but it seemed like it lasted 10 minutes or so.

The second time we got on the track, there were about four other people racing as well. We all took off and I pretty much stayed 4th place the
entire time. I didn’t really enjoy the race with that many people as much as I did with just Don and I because I felt like I was at high risk for crashing into someone else, so I never really tried to pass anyone up. Don said he preferred the race with that many people though, because it was a challenge. I guess that tells you who’s more ballsy between the two of us. All in all I LOVE this place. The staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable, the track is entertaining, the place is very clean, and the experience is exhilarating. I highly recommend you check this place out. There seems to be a lot of great deals for this place going on right now on different websites, so get them while they’re still available because you won’t be disappointed! They definitely accommodate your needs here.

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