Bachelor Party’s at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Let Fast Lap host your Bachelor Party, Fast Lap has hosted hundreds for the the past 7 years! We do it right, without breaking the bank! Here are some examples:

The Mini Grand Prix: $65 per person

One ten minute practice race (16 to 21 laps)
One ten minute qualifying session
One Championship Race for Fast Lap Trophy.

The Shoot-Out: $32 per person

5 laps of qualifying, everyone is placed on the track according to qualifying for a 20 lap race.

Our walk-in rate is $25 per person per race, no additional fees…or you can get a three race package for $62 each. Everything is included.(All safety equipment)
It’s always best to make a reservation!

We just start offering the combos below:

Race and Shoot Bachelor Party Special

Our “Party Package” is for a minimum of 6, max of 12 racers/shooters as follows:
Fast Lap Mini Grand Prix

Practice race 16 to 21 laps
Qualifying Session 16 to 21 laps
Championship Race for Fast Lap Trophy
Then off to Las Vegas Gun Range via Fast Lap A/C bus for a little target practice

Each shooter gets four machine guns (1 magazine per).
Then we set up a competition with a large caliber handgun.

The winner gets a free Las Vegas Gun Range hat.

Then your off back to the strip or your hotel. Total Package Cost per person $195.00


Race and Quick Draw 6-12 Racer/Shooters

The Shoot-Out Race and Shoot

5 laps of qualifying
20 Lap Race
Trip from Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing via Fast Lap A/C Bus to Las Vegas Gun Range.

“Rock and Roll” Shooting Experience
Machine Gun with two magazines of ammuntion

Back to the strip or your hotel. Total Package Cost per person $150

Call or e-mail Lew today! 310-753-0955


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