Beach Body Party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

The Beach Body Company for the third straight year chose Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing to kick off their yearly meeting and put themselves in the fast lane. Beach Body is know for their impressive high energy workouts that truly show results. The group with well over 100 participants left our track inspired and motivated, a great company team building event. When you need to get your team energized bring them over to Fast Lap for our great team building program and pure adrenaline fun!

Fast Lap Las Vegas is just blocks from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Fast Lap Go-Karting in Las Vegas provides free shuttle service for groups of 6 or more. Fast Lap Mira Loma or now Eastvale is a short 40 minute drive from Los Angeles or Orange County. Located on the west end of the Inland Empire just 5 minutes from Rancho Cucamonga, Corona and Ontario.


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