Best Karting on the West Coast at Fast Lap Indoor Go-Karting

For the past 9 years Fast Lap Indoor Go Karting has provided the most authentice real racing available to the general public. With gas HONDA powered Sodi-karts who are known world wide as one of the top producing outdoor championship race kart manufacturers, World Champions several times. Our karts are designed like the outdoor ones with the weight centered in the midlle of the kart for incredible handling. Other kart manufacturers have the motor in the rear of the kart which makes the front end light and gives you a push into the corners. Driving¬†our mid-engine karts vs. the rear engine karts is like comparing a race car with a meat truck. when you turn the wheel left or right the front tires grab the ground, whereas a rear engine kart keeps traveling straight until you slow down enough for the front tires to grab. To get a fast time on the track it’s all about being smooth, entering and exiting the corners at about the same speed, any sliding scrubs speed off the kart.

Not only does Fast Lap provide the best karts around, Fast Lap Indoor Karting also provides the best safety equipment in the business, like Sparco neck collars and Dot rated helmets. Some tracks don’t offer neck collars at all! I would avoid those tracks for your own safety for sure. Did I mention we have the longest races as well as the best pricing? Well we sure do! So the next time your in Las Vegas or the Los Angeles area’s stop by FastLap for the real racing experience!

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