Best Racing at the Best Price at Fast Lap Indoor Go-Kart Racing

For over nine years Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has provided the most authentic kart racing available to the general public. With great Indycar drivers like Paul Tracy, Jimmy Vasser and our own local Ritchie Hearn as well as NASCAR greats like the Busch brothers, Kyle and Kurt, Deny Hamlin, the old timer Mark Martin, Motocross greats like Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed and the old guy Ricky Johnson(Who is now, by the way, a Championship off-road racer) you have to know Fast Lap provides the “Real Deal” like our Hollywood celebrity Howie Mandel said! So much for the name-dropping, did you know Fast Lap also offers the best racing at the best price? That’s right! Locally owned and operated without any “Franchise fees” or investors hands in our pockets, Fast Lap can keep our prices down without losing any of the “Real Racing Experience”. We have some competitors (the electric guys, now is that really racing? They should put a toggle switch on the steering wheel, maybe they could put a pretend paddle shifter, press the right side and you go, the left side and you stop) What I mean to say is real racing is in a Honda Gas Powered Sodi Racing Machine, Outdoor World Champions, where momentum is the key driving ability, keeping the kart as fast coming out of a turn as going in, feathering the brake and gas pedal to maintain your speed,  if you know anything about kart racing you know Sodi-Kart, CRG and Tony Karts are the big players in Championship outdoor kart racing …. Honda? Um, Yeah I don’t think they race anything electric, have you heard of F1, Indycar, Motocross? One of these electric guys actually put up a billboard directly across the freeway from our facility, how desperate is that? At first we thought wow, that’s a bit over the top….. But it has actually increased our activity so I guess it’s a “Big Thanks”! Go figure! If your looking for the “Real Deal” as Howie says, you must visit Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas or in the Los Angeles area, Mira Loma, CA very near Corona, Anaheim, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario International Airport! Let’s Race!

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