Birthday Party Last Night Was Epic

Getting ready to race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

Getting ready to race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

The Birthday Race party held at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing last night in Las Vegas was Epic. 17 people showed up on time for their birthday race party reservation. They were just starting the evening out and to get the adrenaline pumping they had made a race party reservation earlier in the year. Most had already been to Fast Lap so they knew it would be a kick butt starter to the evening. They all came in talking all kinds of smack, pretty funny stuff too! After signing our waiver they hit the locker room for our short safety video, suited up and off to the track to start the qualifying. We have a mix of 12 people on the track, now and then we may stretch it to 14, but for this group we sent them out with 8 in one race, 9 in the other. Everyone got some practice laps followed by qualifying. Based on their qualifying the top 8 drivers were slated for the final, the bottom 9 for a race-off. Once started it was on! We could hear them screaming from under their helmets. The top three joined  the other 8 for the Fast Lap Birthday 500! Starting from the grid with a standing start we had the fastest to the slowest on their line, down comes the green flag and they are off! What started to be a close race the top three started to drive away from the rest of the pack. The 3rd quickest guy was able to overtake the top two as they battled for first place and the leader and second place driver moved off the chicane and the driving line just enough for the 3rd place guy to stick the nose of his kart in, passed them and held on for the victory, a championship Lap on his own carrying the checkered flag, then on the podium with a Fast Lap Trophy. The entire group continued the trash talking on their way out and said, “See you next year”! With huge smiles on their faces! If you’re looking for something extra and incredibly fun to do while visiting Las Vegas, whether you’re a group of two, a family of 8 or a corporate meeting of 100! Check out Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing! We have been providing a memorialable Las Vegas time for 14 years! Remember we are only 3 blocks from the Las Vegas Strip! Let’s race!

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