Groupon Names Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing a Customer Favorite!

In 2012 Groupon named Fast Lap Indoor Go-Kart Racing as a customer favorite. Although Fast Lap only runs a couple of Groupon promotions per year the customers who have taken advantage rate their experience with over a 91% satisfaction rating and will be back! Here are just a few Groupon reviews:

Awesome! Great deal for a great place! Great racing experience. Would go again. Had a great time. Definitely need to bring friends. Extremely satisfied. Had a great time. Only went with one other person. Although fun I’d recommend a group of at least four or more just because it would make the experience that much better . They’re really awesome and friendly. I’d recommend using them again!

As you can see Fast Lap Indoor Karting is the place to go, best racing at the very best value! Fast Lap Karting is located in Las Vegas just 3 blocks from the strip and in California just 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles on the west end of the Inland Empire in the city of Eastvale (formerly Mira Loma) near Corona, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Riverside. Let’s Race!picto-sodi-racing

Trophy Truck Drivers Jay Reichert and Charles Dorrance Visit Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Veags!

On their way to the Mint 400 Trophy Truck #26 and Drivers Jay Reichert and Charles Dorrance stopped by Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas to get hyped up for the big race this week! They brought the crew by to run some laps before the big race. The Mint 400 was started in 1967 by Norm Johnson and a bunch of guys who loved off-road racing. In 1987 the Mint Hotel who sponsored the race was sold to Binions Horseshoe and 2 years later ended because the current management felt it took away from gambling. Almost 20 years later in 2008 the race has resumed and brings off road racers from all over the country. R&D Racing is out of Austin, Texas and Jay had won the Baja 2000 Competing in the Pro Truck/SS class, Reichert and teammate, Scott Steinberger, won their class while finishing 17th overall.

When you’re in Las Vegas stop by Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing and get you’re adrenaline rush in our real gas powered Sodi Race Karts!


Company Events at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Reward you’re loyal and deserving associates with a great racing experience or team building event here at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. We are centrally located in California just minutes from Ontario, Corona and Rancho Cucamonga, just 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. In Las Vegas just 4 short blocks from the strip and the new City Center! In fact, In Las Vegas we can pick your group up on the strip. Take a look at our Team Building Event:

Our Team Endurance Race would be great, for 28 people we would create 7 Teams of 4, Everyone would go out for some practice laps, then qualifying.. We would create teams based on there qualifying times, pairing the fastest with the slowest and filling the rest in. We then give each team a few minutes to plan for our 40 minute endurance race with pit stops and driver changes… first team to cross the finish line when time runs out wins. Winning team gets Fast Lap Medallions. Everyone cheers there team on and stays involved during the entire race. This event is good for groups up to 80 participants!
Then just for a little more fun, we take the top 12 racers(based on there earlier qualifying) and put them on the track for the individual championship.(15 lap shoot out) For trophy’s. Total event time would be about 2 hours.
IMG_0711 Give us a call for more information or e-mail us at

Start the Bachelor Party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Wether you’re in Las Vegas or Los Angeles start you’re bachelor party off with a little kart racing.

In Las Vegas we recommend the Mini Grand Prix! It’s great for 6-12 racers and guarantees your group will be the only one’s on the track when racing! No experience necessary… You are required to view our safety video and all safety equipment is provided.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel
  • One Practice Race – 17 to 25 laps
  • One Qualifying Session – 17 to 25 laps
  • Championship Race – set up based on qualifying – standing start – 17 to 25 laps!
Winner gets a Fast Lap Trophy! $72 per person – Lot’s of fun and your group will have a blast and will be talking about the “Vegas Race” for a long time! Add the Shooting range or Indoor Skydiving to your event and we stay with your group from start to finish!
In the Ontario/Corona/Rancho Cucamonga area of Los Angeles we offer the same deal without the pick-up for $62 per person!

Fast Lap offers Deals through our Facebook Fan Page!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing now offers Groupon style deals directly on our Facebook page. Checkout Go to the tab iQoffer click on it and get our special deal. Go back often for new and exciting discounts, you never know when you might find a great deal.

Deny Hamlin, visited both Fast Lap locations!

Deny Hamlin, visited both Fast Lap locations!

Watch the Daytona 500 today at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Come down and put down a couple of races  and watch the Daytona 500 at Fast Lap Las Vegas or Fast Lap Eastvale/Mira Loma!  FREE Pizza 11am to 4pm!fastlap2 019

Go Fast at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Come race your friends, family and co-workers at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. Fast Lap provides you and you’re group the “Real Racing Experience”! With Honda gas powered Sodi-Karts we do it right where you get the sight, sound and feel of real racing. We feel the most authentic racing available to the general public, in a safe and friendly environment. A friend sent me this and how true it is! Come get you’re real racing experience at Fast Lap Indoor Go-Kart Racing. Located just blocks from the famous Las Vegas Strip and just 5 minutes from the Ontario International Airport, close to Corona and Rancho Cucamonga, just 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles!


Buy Fast Lap Gift Vouchers directly from our Website!

Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing now offers gift e-vouchers right from our website! Simply click the the above tab “Gift Cards” and place your order. Now it’s easy to give the gift of racing to family, friends and fellow work associates or private and corporate events! Choose the number and amount you would like, purchase with your credit card and an e-mail voucher will be e-mailed to you. Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has two great locations, in Las Vegas just steps from the strip and the new City Center and hotels like Aria, Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood! Just walk 2 blocks west from the strip on Harmon (between Trop and Flamingo) go over the I-15 freeway to Polaris and head north towards the Rio one long block, Fast Lap is on the right! In Southern California Fast Lap is located on the west end of the Inland Empire, just minutes from Ontario, Corona and Rancho Cucamonga and just 35 to 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. Let’s Race!

Get your Kart Racing Experience at Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing in Las Vegas and Southern California

Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing is a great place to start your competitive kart racing experience. Fast Lap is the closet thing available to the general public. 40 mph race karts with up to 12 drivers on the track, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is the place to get some serious seat time. Anything you want to become good at takes practice, in  racing it’s called seat time. Whether it’s auto racing, motorcycle racing or professional kart racing you have to put you’re butt in or on a seat and practice whenever you can. There are many very good racers who can race against a clock, but only a few who can race with other’s on the track. In outdoor professional kart racing you may be in a heat of 30 racers, coming down the straightaway at 80 miles per hour all 30 racers heading for the same corner takes a lot of experience, concentration and calm to stay out in front. Pick-up that experience in a controlled and safe manner at Fast Lap Las Vegas or Fast Lap Eastvale, in Southern California.   kartrace2

Watch Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing UFC Fighting Friends at the CrazyHorse3