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UFC Fighter Roy “Big Country” Nelson Races at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Roy “Big Country” Nelson UFC Fighter stopped by Fast Lap Las Vegas to get a few races down on our track.  If Big Country were a bit smaller he might have tried racing in the NASCAR Series! For a guy his size Big Country put down some pretty good laps for a first timer at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. People from all walks of live, from celebrities, professional motor sports, business owners and CEOs have all raced at Fast Lap. Fast Lap is open to all people wanting to experience “Real Racing”, we believe Fast Lap provides the best racing available to the general public in safest and cleanest environment. Please beware racing is a dangerous sport, we do our best to make it safe as possible. Oh, on you’re next visit don’t be surprised if you race with a celebrity!   Try our track in the Los Angeles area of Southern California or in Las Vegas!

Let’s Race!



Summer hours started July 1st 2012 for both our tracks and will last through September 9th 2012. Fast Lap Mira Loma is open Sunday through Thrusday 10am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 10am to Midnight. Fast Lap Las Vegas is open Monday Through Saturday 10am to 11pm and open Sunday 10am to 10pm. Now, if you like we can open earlier or close later for private event rentals!

When your ready to race, think of Fast Lap with the absolute best racing in real Honda-SodiKart gas powered racing machines! We give you the best racing at the best price, no one even comes close! Fast Lap also gives you a couple of more minutes of racing as well. Let’s Race!


Rent a GoPro at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Fast Lap has made available The GoPro2 Motorsports HD Video Camera for our customers to use. Every helmet is equipted with a GoPro attachment so you can attach the camera and record your racing event. You can rent the GoPro for $20 and you keep the 4 Gb SDHD memory disk. Put your event up on YouTube or just make copy’s and e-mail to your friends! Fast Lap is your race place in Mira Loma, CA and Las Vegas, Nevada! Lets Race!

Fast Lap Mira Loma/Ontario Two Tracks of Real Racing!

Come to Fast Lap Mira Loma just 5 minutes from Corona, Ontario, Riverside and Rancho Cucamonga! Located on the west end of the Inland Empire Fast Lap and is easy to get to, close to the I-15, 91 fwy, 10 fwy, 210 fwy and the 71! Fast Lap Mira Loma/Eastvale has a 1/4 mile road course with 9 challenging turns and an Oval for NASCAR style racing.  Fast Lap has the finest equipment for your karting experience, like Sodi-kart Gas powered race karts, Vega Dot rated helmets and Sparco neck collars. If your looking for the real racing experience you’ve found it! Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing.

Fast Lap Mira Loma is just 35 minutes from Los Angeles!

That’s correct! I recently drove from Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Mira Loma to Dodger Stadium in just 35 minutes! Fast Lap is located virtually on the I-15 and 60 freeway’s. You can take the 60 or the 10 freeway right into Downtown Los Angeles, I hopped on the 60 and drove through Chino, Chino Hills, Walnut, Hacienda Heights, Montebello and If I took the 10 freeway I would have driven through Pomona, West Covina, El Monte, Monterey Park and the third rail is the 210 freeway in  which I would have driven through Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Claremont, San Dimas, Glendora, Arcadia and Pasadena! Since I live in Aliso Viejo I know that drive to South Orange County is 40 minutes via the toll road…. I’ve driven from Fast Lap Mira Loma to Disneyland in 35 minutes on the 91 freeway! My point is Fast Lap Mira Loma is not that far away from where ever you live in Southern California. Being one of the only Indoor Gas Powered facility’s in  So Cal we are truly worth the drive. With the best racing, longest races and the very best price, yes we are worth the drive. Come out and make a day of it with our 3 hour race pass…. Race as many races you can in 3 hours for just $50! No one even comes close! Did you know European Indoor Tracks are mainly gas powered? Thats right! In Enland there are more Indoor facility’s than the entire USA and all are gas powered! With gasoline 40% higher you have to figure gas powered karts are the real deal! Let’s Race!


Private events at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing start as low as $600 per hour!

That’s right! Prices start at $600 per hour! Private event closed to the public! Have as many racers you like from 8 to 100, always figure for a great party 20 racers per hour works well, for a quickie we can get 40 racers through in a shoot-out style of race tournament. For our Team Endurance race for 40 plan on 2 hours. Checkout our hourly rental prices:

Las Vegas Monday through Thursday $600 per hour before 11am or after 10pm – $1100 per hour 11am to 10pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday $800 per hour before 11am or after 10pm – $1400 per hour 11am to 10pm

Mira Loma Monday through Friday $600 per hour before 11am or after 9pm – $700 per hour 11am to 9pm. Saturday and Sunday $600 per hour before 11am or after 9pm – $900 per hour 11am to 9pm.

This includes headsocks for all that race, free set of Trophy’s (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) and cool black t-shirts for $5 each and best of all a totally private event. You can add soft drinks for $2 per person. Catered in food starts at $7 per person! Check around and you will find Fast Lap provides the most authentic racing at the very best price! Great for Bachelor, Birthday Party’s, Corporate Events, Corporate Team building and just getting a bunch of friends together! Fast Lap in Las Vegas is just 3 blocks from the Strip. Take Harmon west to Polaris, head north on Polaris one block! Your at Americas favorite race place! In Los Angeles, in  the Ontario area you are just minutes from the airport, Rancho Cucamonga, Corona, and SanBernardino! Lets Race!

Corporate Team Building at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Fast Lap has entertained just about every company across the country, from In-N-Out Burger to the founders of Google. Team building events at Fast Lap Karting are truly unique, fun and challenging. Our team endurance race is awesome, pairing racers by their qualifying speeds make the teams unique with someone from IT paired with a salesman and maybe the CEO, people who generally dont’t work together on a regular basis but now have to perform together to win the race! Here’s an example for a group of 40 racers:

The Team Endurance Race would be great, for 40 people we would create 10 teams of 4, Everyone would go out for some practice laps, then qualifying.. We would create teams based on there qualifying times, pairing the fastest with the slowest and filling the rest in. We then give each team a few minutes to plan for our 40 minute endurance race with pit stops and driver changes… first team to cross the finish line when time runs out wins. Winning team gets Fast Lap trophy’s. Everyone cheers there team on and stays involved during the entire race.
Then just for a little more fun, we take the top 10 racers(based on there earlier qualifying) and put them on the track for the individual
championship.(10 lap shoot out) For trophy’s. Total event time would be about 2 hours, of course this is a private event and our fee for this event would be $2200, that comes to $55 per driver.  Food and beverage is also available at an additional charge.

“Race and Shoot” Bachelor Party’s at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Bachelor Party’s have been one of our specialty”s over the past ten years! You can go with the Mini Grand Prix which includes three organized races, Hotel Pick-up and drop-off and all safety equipment needed including a free headsock!

  • Strip Hotel pick-up and drop off in our air conditioned bus.
  • MGP – Full practice race, Qualifying Race and Championship Race
  • All safety equipment included, no extra fees and a FREE head sock to remember you Vegas Race!
  • Winner gets a Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Trophy to memorialize your event!

All for only $70 per person, truly the best deal in Las Vegas! Takes just under 2 hours from pick-up to drop-off!

Or upgrade to the maximum day of thrills and add the shooting range to our package. You get all the above, but add a trip to the range! Just a couple minutes away our bus will take your group there to shoot three magazines of bullets from a machine gun like an UZI, Tommy Gun or AK47, yes you heard it! A real machine gun! Where can you shoot a real machine gun except in a war zone! The range staff are mostly made up of professionals like off-duty or retired policeman so you know it will be a fun and safe experience! The final part of the range experience is the handgun competition for your group with the winner getting a range hat or T-shirt! This combo “Race and Shoot” experience is just $240 per person!  Total time is just under 4 hours from pick-up to drop-off!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart racing and our Shooting Range partners are the closest to the strip, so no wasting your time driving all over town! For the original real racing and shooting experience give us a call and get you’re event booked!


HaPpY 4Th Of jULy from Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Let the Fourth of July always be a reminder that here in this land, for the first time, it was decided that man is born with certain God-given rights; that government is only a convenience created and managed by the people, with no powers of its own except those voluntarily granted to it by the people.

We sometimes forget that great truth, and we never should. Happy Fourth of July.

Fast Lap Las Vegas and Los Angeles/Ontario is open today 10am to 8pm! Let’s Race!