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Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing #2

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing (Fast Lap)

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Fast Lap

If you are a real speed demon, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is for you. Racers zoom around the 365-metre track in karts with 200cc engines – which can reach speeds up to 80 kilometres per hour. Groups of eight can sign up for a package that consists of practice laps, followed by a qualifying heat, ending with a thrilling championship race, followed by a first place trophy for the winner. You can’t beat that for $65 per person – and it’s better than waiting for a roulette wheel to stop spinning.

Best Price Guarantee @ Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Fast Lap Indoor Go-Karting has always been known for great racing, but did you know we also have the best price as well? Guaranteed! Fast Lap Karting is family owned and operated, we have no investment firm or group of investors to answer to, so our overhead is kept to the minimum and we can offer you the best racing at the best price! So whatever price your quoted from the other guys,  Fast Lap will beat or at least match it!(99%of the time we already destroy them on price). Best racing at the best price!

In addition to that our safety record is unblemished, we have been operating for the past 8 years in Las Vegas and just about 4 years in the Los Angeles/Ontario area of So.California. We use the finest equipment available for karting like Sodi-Kart, Sparco and Vega Helemts. Just like the big chain facility’s Fast Lap is inspected for safety by all governmental agency’s as well as 3rd party engineering firms. You can always count on a safe, fun and fast racing experience at FastLap Indoor Kart Racing. Come race our HONDA gas powered race karts!

Racing at Fast Lap Indoor Karting!

Call Lew directly to book your next event @ 310-753-0955

Book your Bachelor Party at Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing

Book your next get-together, birthday party, bachelor party, corporate event, sales meeting or team building event at Fast Lap Indoor Kartring in Las Vegas! We have several great racing options available including our super popular “Race and Shoot’!  Start out with Fast Lap Indoor Go-Karting picking your group up at your Hotel in our air condition party bus. Then your off to the greatest Indoor Kart Racing place in the States! You get a full Practice race, Qualifying session to see who will be on the POLE POSITION, then the Championship Race for a Fast Lap Trophy! Then it’s back in the bus for a 5 minute drive over to the Gun Range! Shoot 3 different machine guns, then compete with a hand gun for a T-shirt or hat of your choice! Then we are on our way back to your hotel. This Bachelor party adventure takes just about 4 hours from pick-up to drop-off. For only $200 per person! Racing at the best Karting facility, in fact the only gas powered Indoor Facility in Las Vegas! Fast Lap Las Vegas is only 3 blocks west off the strip on Harmon and Polaris, behind the New City Center! Call Lew for more details @ 310-753-0955 Only available in Las Vegas! Best Racing in Los Angeles/Ontario/Corona/Inland Empire and Las Vegas!

Private events start as low as $500 per hour!

Book your next private event before or after our normal operating hours and get our special hourly rate!(Weekdays only). Entertain up to 40 racers per hour with a quick but great racing program. Fast Lap does it right in Las Vegas or the Ontario/Corona/Los Angeles areas! Contact Lew for more information @ 310-753-0955

Another Great Weekend at Fast Lap Go-Karting!

This past weekend Fast Lap Karting in Las Vegas and Ontario/Corona area of Los Angeles had 16 party’s between the 2 track’s 6 private events and 10 Birthday, Bachelor Party’s! If your planning a company event, team building session, birthday or bachelor party come to Fast Lap! We are the race place! Another great review of our Las Vegas Facility:

When you arrive to the location, it doesn’t look like your usual go kart amusement place. This is the real deal. Unlike the other places in the area, Fast Lap is well known to the pros and celebrities. It’s secluded, away from the strip and other commercialized/tourist sightings. It’s not kid-friendly, so you can be sure this is serious sh*t.

Once inside, you’ll sign a waiver that pretty much states you’re aware of what you’re doing and Fast Lap is not liable for any injuries and etc. that may happen. Nothing to worry about, it’s just procedures. Even the place I rock-climb at makes me sign a waiver. **TIP: Local specials – buy one get one FREE!!!** So be sure to show that you’re a local. You can either save the free use for next time or you can double the joy that day! I always combine it for that day’s fun.

After the paperwork and paying the front, you’ll go in the back room where you’ll watch a little video. They will go over the instructions and rules. They will show you how to wear you head mask underneath the helmet and your racer jumpsuit. Yes, like I said before… this is serious sh*t. Not a kid-friendly place. The jumpsuit is optional but fun to throw on if you’re with a big group of friends. You’ll then go out back to the main area to pick your helmet and wait your turn to go on the tracks.

You have a choice to either do a race against the other drivers or just drive your laps. We always do our laps and not race, only because we have more fun practicing on our own. The course is really great! They have about 7-8 turns (give or take) with a few sharp turns. I loved the turns, because I am all into practicing my drifting skills!! Now… drifting is not allowed per the rules, but the people are so cool at the times I’m there, that they let me do it. Sometimes they’ll even join in with us and show us their skills.

At end of your session, the guy will red flag you in and they will show you a print out of your times on each lap. It’ll also show a comparison with other drivers that day, and those that drove with you.

The staff are mad cool and great people. This is a great place for an adrenaline rush. It’s relaxing to me and I just love the rush~! Every time I’m there, I never want to leave!

Real Honda powered GAS Karts!

Las Vegas Fast Lap recently updated!

Over the past couple of months Fast Lap Go Karting has upgraded the Las Vegas Facility. Along with cosmetic upgrades, Fast Lap has gone through all of it’s karts to make certian they are all competitive from new motors, to axles, rims… just about everything to make them the most competitve racing karts in the Vegas Valley. Greg Bernauer, our Las Vegas manager says he will race anyone in any kart they choose an he will be right up front at the end of the race! That’s how sure Greg is that all karts are very close to being equal. 

Fast Lap Las Vegas and Fast Lap Ontario/Los Angeles have both extended all races Monday through Friday. Each race you will get 3 to 5 more laps depending on how fast you get around the track. In Las Vegas count on 20 to 25 laps per race and in our California Go Kart Center count on 18 to 22 laps. Fast Lap Go Kart Racing simply has the best karting at the best price!

Las Vegas is 3 short blocks from the strip on Harmon and Polaris, just west of the NEW Cosmopolitan and Aria Hotels. Mira Loma, CA is just 5 minutes from city’s like Corona, Ontario, Rancho, Upland, Pomona and just 35 minutes from Anahiem(Disneyland) and downtown Los Angeles!

Fast Lap uses the best equipment available for your karting experience!

Fast Lap Indoor Go karting uses only the finest equipment available! Our Karts are manufactured by the Outdoor World Championship Kart builder Sodi-Kart. Each kart is equipted with Honda 200cc gas powered motors, Grant Karting Steering Wheels and Tillett fully padded professional race seats, the same seats used on most outdoor race karts. Sparco race gear including race jump suits and professional race neck collars. Vega DOT approved helmets are our choice for durable use with washable inside linings. Every racer is provided with a quality and clean head sock (balaclava in european terms). We also offer the New GoPro Helmet Cam to record your racing action. In addition to providing the best equipment for rental Fast Lap Go Karting also offers these items for sale. Vega Helmets, Sparco Karting Racing Gear and GoPro Motorsports Helmet Cam for the best prices available!  Check out our Karting items for sale at This site is work in progress and items will be added on a regular basis. You must call on the GoPro items our prices are sooooooo low. Call Lew direct @ 310-753-0955


GoPro Video Camera Rentals available Tuesday @ Fast Lap Karting

Film your next event at Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing! GoPro Video cameras will be available to use to film your event at Fast Lap! You use the camera during your visit to film all the great action, yes we have a helmet mount as well…. Once your event is over we give you the SanDisk to take home and share with all your family and friends. The SanDisk is 4GB and is only $25! GoPro will be available at both our locations, Las Vegas and Mira Loma/Los Angeles/Ontario.

Go Kart Racing at its best @ Fast Lap Karting

Let Fast Lap host your Bachelor Party, Fast Lap has hosted hundreds for the the past 8 years! At both our facility’s we have a private area for your party to kick back and enjoy while your resting between races! Fast Lap Go-Karting does it right without breaking the bank! Here are some examples:

The Mini Grand Prix: $65 per person

One ten minute practice race (16 to 21 laps)
One ten minute qualifying session
One Championship Race for Fast Lap Trophy.

Our walk-in rate is $25 per person per race, no additional fees…or you can get a three race package for $62 each. Everything is included.(All safety equipment)
It’s always best to make a reservation! We just started to offer the combos below:

Race and Shoot Bachelor Party Special

Our “Party Package” is for a minimum of 6, max of 24 racers/shooters as follows:
Fast Lap Mini Grand Prix

Practice race 16 to 21 laps
Qualifying Session 16 to 21 laps
Championship Race for Fast Lap Trophy
Then off to the Gun Range via Fast Lap A/C bus for a little target practice

Each shooter gets three machine guns (1 magazine per).
Then we set up a competition with a large caliber handgun.

The winner gets a free American Shooters Gun Range hat.

Then your off back to the strip or your hotel. Total Package Cost per person $200.00
Fast Lap can also organize adult entertainment for your group. Call Lew at 310-753-0955

Fast Lap is just two blocks from the strip form the new Aria and Cosmopolitan Hotels! In California we are just a short 35 minute drive east of downtown Los Angeles!

Voted #1 Indoor Kart Racing Facility!
Call Lew Arlington for more information @ 310-753-0955

Longer Races at FastLap Go Karting!

Fast Lap Las Vegas and California have added value to our already great pricing! Now through June, Monday through Friday get 12 minute races! This adds 3 to 4 more laps of racing per session! Vegas you get 20-26 laps and in Ontario/Los Angeles/Corona you get 18 to 23

Real Honda powered GAS Karts!

 laps on our already giant “REAL” 1/4 mile track! Get our regular locals member specials like 2 for $25, 3 for $36 or a three hour race pass for $50! Longest races(battery powered guys cant offer this) for the best price! Lets race! If you speed around the track in Vegas you can get up to 26 laps!