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Bachelor and Birthday Party’s at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Have your party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. We have always been known for the most authentic kart racing on the west coast with our Honda gas powered Sodi race karts. Did you know we are also the best value in kart racing as well? Locally owned and operated, Fast Lap has no Wall […]

NASCAR coming to the West Coast and Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Nascar will be in Las Vegas March 9th through the 11th and in Los Angeles/Ontario March 23-25 and Fast Lap has a great location in both these wonderful city’s! Our Las Vegas track is only 3 blocks away from the famed “Las Vegas Strip” off of Harmon and Polaris just 2 blocks from the new […]

Awesome Corporate Events At Fast Lap Indoor Racing

Have your next corporate racing event at Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing! Fast Lap has provided great company events for the past 9 years in  Las Vegas and 5 years in Los Angeles. Fast Lap has entertained company’s like Google, Mircrosoft, Trader Joes, Wells Fargo and many, many small to medium sized company’s. If […]

Birthday and Bachelor Party’s are Best at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Fast Lap has provided some of the best birthday and bachelor party’s to the general public for  the past 9 years in Las Vegas and for the past 5 years in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. From Kindergarten to College and way beyond, Fast Lap has something for everyone. Real racing for everyone taller than […]

Put your Company on the Pole Position at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Fast Lap is a great place to hold your next party or get together! Fast Lap has been entertaining some of the largest company’s in the world! Putting together some great race programs as well as team building formats. Bachelor party’s? as they say in Jersey “Forget about it” We host several bachelor party’s every […]

Indoor Kart Racing At Fast Lap

If your looking for the real racing experience in Las Vegas or the Los Angeles area of Southern California you have just found it, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing! Fast Lap has been providing great racing in our Sodi-Honda Gas powered race karts for over 9 years and come June, 5 years in Ontario/Corona/Mira Loma […]

Fast Lap Has The Best Racing at the Best Price!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has long been known for the very best Indoor Karting Racing anywhere, but did you know Fast Lap Go-Karting has some of the best pricing around. Fast Lap is locally owned and operated, no shareholders or partners to financially satisfy, so Fast Lap can provide you with great racing at the best […]

Toyota Speedway closes it’s doors In Irwindale, Many drivers race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing.

It was announced Monday that Toyota Speedway(Irwindale Raceway) was killing the 2012 racing season. Many people who race and have raced at Irwindale Speedway also race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. In speaking with Mike Johnson one of the longtime Late Model Racers who has won many races over the past 14 years say’s “I love […]

Travel Through A Lens: Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

“I want to go fast,” that famous line by Will Ferrell’s character in Talladega Nights about racing cars rings true when you step foot inside Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas. Sign up, go through a safety course and then slide into your Kart for a fast and furious race. You’ll experience the feel […]

“Race & Shoot” Top Bachelor Party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

Fast Lap and most authentic race place in Las Vegas and Sunny Southern California! Now in Las Vegas we offer you some incredible extreme combination packages, all arrainged by Fast Lap for your convienence! Below are our most popular extreme events! All group deals are for 6 to 12 participants, we can make special arraingements […]