Dress shoes at Fast Lap Indoor Go Kart Racing

Another pair of dress shoes left at Fast Lap Go Karting. Yes, Fast Lap requires all racers to wear closed toed shoes and on occasion people wear sandels or really nice dress shoes they simply do not want to race in.(No sandels at all) So Fast Lap provides shoes (Velcrow slip-on type tennis shoes, the type grandpa wears)Last night several gentlemen came in wearing some pretty expensive suits and really nice shoes and all borrowed our loaner shoes…. Yes! After racing our Mini Grand Prix, the guy who won walked out with his first place trophy and a pair of our special velcrow shoes! His friends or business associates must have been laughing all the way back to the Hotel! He must be truly embarressed not to call or return for a $250 pair of shoes!

Fast Lap is soooooo extreme, fun and competitive we urge you to have a blast! But please leave the loaner’s! Fast Lap’s staff already has closet’s full of shoes! Race where the racing is the best at the most affordable price, Race at FastLap Indoor Kart Racing!

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