Englands Favorite Place in Las Vegas Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

That’s right! Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing hosts hundreds of partys a year from country’s all over the World! From Western Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and of course the great old USA! But out of all the places outside the United States the majority are from Great Britain! Our friends from across the pond host corporate events and a slew of bachelor party’s (Stag parties as the Brits say). The world loves racing, but the United Kingdom is way out in front! Most tell me they like coming to the gas powered tracks because of the sight, sound and feel of real racing. In fact, England itself has about 159 tracks with 75 of those being Indoor Tracks. Of all these tracks I know of not a single electric powered Indoor or Outdoor track. I have heard a few electric tracks were built, but quickly switched to gas powered karts. Even with gas prices in Europe between $7 to $9 a gallon Europeans choose gas powered racing karts. The largest maker of eletric karts in Europe is located in Italy where from their own website they have a total of 7 tracks and another in Finland. There are hundreds of tracks throughout Europe and they list 8. Racing is about momentum, exiting the corner as fast as you came in, you can do that in well balanced light weight gas powered race karts…. The British and Europeans know racing and they choose to race gas powered race karts. You want the real deal? Come to Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing where we provide you with Sodi Honda Powered Race Karts.

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