Extreme Combo Deals at Fast Lap Indoor Go-Kart Racing!

Fast Lap has been known for the best Indoor Kart Racing on the West Coast here in Las Vegas, Nevada and in Southern California. Now Fast Lap has teamed up with two other great extreme venues in the Las Vegas Valley, The Shooting Range and Vegas Indoor Skydiving. If your looking for a half day of extreme sports let Fast Lap arraige it for you. The “Race and Shoot” Fast Lap picks your group up at your strip hotel and you start out at Fast Lap for our MGP! That’s a practice race, qualifying session, then the Championship for a Fast Lap Trophy! Then it’s off to the gun range where you start out firing machine guns and finish up with a handgun championship for a t-shirt or cap! Then we run you back over to your hotel!

Total price per person is only $240

Want to try the closet thing to real skydiving? Try our Fast Lap “Race and Fly” it’s the same as above but substituting the range for Indoor Skydiving. Total price per person here is only $200 per person

Give us a call and get your party started!

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