Fast Lap has provided Exciting Corporate Events for the Past 9 Years

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been providing incredibly exciting racing corporate events for the past 9 years in Las Vegas and the Los Angeles area of Southern California! Fast Lap Indoor Go Karting has held small party’s for groups as small as 6 participants to large corporations with as many as 125 participants. Fortune 500 company’s like Google, Microsoft, Ford and Wells Fargo Bank, Medium sized companies like In-N Out and Trader Joes. If your looking for a corporate team building event Fast Lap is the place! Here’s an example for a group of 40 racers:

Our fee for private event rental (closed to the public) is $1100. For a group of 40 I would recommend two hours, that includes everything. Food and beverage can be arranged, we use Jasons Deli, Memphis BBQ (for hot
sandwiches) or just order in pizzas. I have attached there menu’s. As of today the date you are requesting is available.
Our Team Endurance Race would be great, for 40 people we would create 10 Teams of 4, Everyone would go out for some practice laps, then qualifying.. We would create teams based on there qualifying times, pairing the fastest with the
slowest and filling the rest in. We then give each team a few minutes to plan for our 40 minute endurance race with pit stops and driver changes… first team to cross the finish line when time runs out wins. Winning team gets Fast Lap
Medallions. Everyone cheers there team on and stays involved during the entire race.
Then just for a little more fun, we take the top 8 racers(based on there earlier qualifying) and put them on the track for the individual championship.(10 lap shoot out) For trophy’s. Total event time would be about 2  hours.
Just entertained the hottest club in Las Vegas, The Marquee Club from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.


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