Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Best Racing at the Best Price

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been serving race enthusiasts for the past 10 years in Las Vegas and 5 plus years here in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. Fast Lap has been known for providing the “Real” racing experience in Honda gas powered Sodi race karts. Yes, gas powered race karts indoors! Even with gasoline prices at an all-time high here in the US and around the world, almost all karting facility’s are gas powered. In fact, in Europe where racing is pratically a national sport we know of less than 10 electric tracks out of the hundreds of both indoor and outdoor tracks. Fast Lap is also one of the best priced facility’s on the west coast. Call us for pricing information. We entertain groups from 8 to 120 and are always available for “Arrive and Drive” racing. Come and experience real racing at the very best pr


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