Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing In Las Vegas

Fast Lap has been a Las Vegas favorite race place for the last 14 years. A pioneer in Indoor Kart Racing Fast Lap was one of the first Indoor Karting Facility’s on the west coast. At first no one knew what it was, a place for kids, NO! It was and is the real racing experience for people who want to go fast. That corporate executive who went to college, worked his butt off, missed most of the things early in life who now has some time and money to experience one of the most exhilarating things to do in life! We have entertained hundreds of thousands of folks who fall into this category as well as family’s and racers from around the world! Want to do something fun and exciting, love speed? Next time you’re in Las Vegas stop by for some heart pounding fun! Arrive and Drive, Birthday, Bachelor Party or a giant Corporate event, Fast Lap is the place to race!

Fun at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing In LAS VEGAS

Fun at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing In LAS VEGAS


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