Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing named Best Indoor Track

redbull-race2Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing was recently named the overall best Indoor Kart Racing Facility. Known for some of the best racing in the Inland Empire and the Las Vegas Valley, Fast Lap was recognized for the best Bachelor Party’s, Corporate Events and Team Building. Some of Las Vegas’s most influential and respected people and company’s have raced the track at Fast Lap! If you want to experience the feel of REAL racing come give Fast Lap Karting a try. All race karts manufactured by Sodi-Kart, powered with Honda 200cc engines. So you experience the sight sound and feel of REAL racing. Fast Lap also is well ventilated with an air-exchange system that turns the air over every 3 1/2 minutes. A great race and safety are our biggest concerns. Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is inspected twice a year by the local county government and once a year by a third party engineering firm, so rest assured Fast Lap not only provides the best racing experience, but a safe one as well! Lets go Racing!

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