Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Opened 14 Years Ago

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing of Las Vegas opened it’s doors 14 years ago this month! Wanting to bring the real racing experience to the general public Fast Lap reached it’s goal by opening for business in October of 2003. Honda gas powered racing karts housed in a 40K sq. ft. facility made racing available to the masses when visiting Las Vegas, Nevada. At first when we asked for adults to come have the experience most replied we will bring the kids. After a year of convincing people this was something for young adults and old adults Indoor Kart Racing caught on. As we continue to provide the real racing experience we continue to entertain company’s year after year, in fact one this November has been coming for 12 consecutive years, the only break was the 2008 economic blow-up. The need for speed seems it will always be here and as long as we can provide that we will continue to offer the “Real Racing Experience”. Thanks to all the fun loving racers who have come through our doors!

Las Vegas Fast Lap Indoor Karting Racers

Las Vegas Fast Lap Indoor Karting Racers

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