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Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been providing fantastic corporate events for the past 13 years. A company favorite is the “Team Endurance” Race and no one does it better! Here’s an example:

For a great team building experience, we’ll do our “endurance race format”. We’ll have everyone complete a practice/ qualifying session and then take the fastest racers and pair them with the slowest creating equal teams.
For example, if we had a group of 20 we would create 5 teams with 4 drivers, give them a few minutes to stratigize, then hold a 40 minute endurance race with pit stops and driver changes. Everyone stays involved and excited cheering on their team! The first team to cross the finish line when time runs out is the company Team Champion! This is a FAVORITE of our corporate clients for the past 13 years. Everyone is engaged the entire race while cheering their team on!
Then for a little more fun and bragging rights we’ll do a singles championship race, where we take the top ten fastest drivers from the original qualifying race and have them compete in a 10 lap shootout for overall singles champion! 1st place trophy goes to each participant on the winning endurance team race and one for the over all fastest racer.  
We do offer complimentary shuttle service as well from a strip location. 
We use Chef JB as our preferred caterer. He does a terrific job, foods great and very reliable. He cooks on site, provides a staff member as well to make certain our guests are well taken care of. His rates start at $18 per person up to $28, I can set it up or you can call him direct. I’ve attached his most popular menu. Chef JB 702-806-5141  


Fast Lap Karting is just blocks from the famous Las Vegas Strip. If you are looking for the ultimate corporate event contact us via phone or e-mail. Your questions and booking will be answered and handled that day. E-mail is at

Las Vegas Karting at Fast Lap

Las Vegas Karting at Fast Lap

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