Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing The First & Only Gas Powered Indoor Kart Racing Facility In Las Vegas Still The Best

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing opened over a decade ago as the only indoor gas powered kart racing facility here in Las Vegas. In fact, we believe we were the third facility ever to open in the United States. Years ago the owners who happened to be old outdoor KT100 kart racers happened upon the first Indoor Facility in Europe. Doing some research after returning to the States they found a newly opened facility in the City of Orange, California known as Dromo1. Knowing this was the next big thing, they starting seeking out what would be a truly great city to host the very best Indoor Kart racing facility in the USA, of course Las Vegas, Nevada came to mind and in 2002 they started planing with the actual opening to be in January 2003. Not knowing what Indoor Kart Racing was it became a monumental task getting it through the County Planing division. The building being older but very close to the “Strip” became the ideal candidate, fortunately for the owners, the building owner was out of Texas and an avid race fan and was willing to wait for County approval. Of course he wanted to see the plans so the owners had to borrow a kart from a local racer and drive around inside of the building to prove proof of concept, the racing part anyway, of course he had to get into the kart and give it a whirl which had him sold. ¬†Racing began the day someone realized that something round would roll and go fast. Once the facility was opened it began as a big hit, slowed during the crash but with the help of our current land owner helped Fast Lap stay alive. The landowner in fact is a very generous man and an American success story most people only dream of becoming. I believe starting out as a school teacher, then insurance salesman, insurance broker and then hotel owner, starting with one moving up to just around 300 the largest independent hotel owner in the US. He is currently building two more here in Las Vegas. Without his generosity and help during the meltdown Fast Lap would have certainly closed it’s doors. With the love of American competition, all forms of racing keep moving along. Even when Cart split into two racing series(at that time had more viewers than NASCAR) which almost killed American open wheel racing, IndyCar seems to be making a huge comeback!

If you are looking for the real racing experience in Honda gas powered Sodi Racing Karts, make sure you stop by Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. Located just three blocks from the “Strip” and terrific hotels like the Cosmopolitan at City Center. Take Harmon west from the strip over the I-15, turn right on Polaris and head north one block, we are on the right side!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas


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