Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Vegas Only Gas Powered Indoor Facility

Fast Lap opened its doors going on 14 years now and is still the only gas powered indoor go carting facility in the state of Nevada. Many electric tracks have opened up across the country but it’s just not the same, You don’t get the vibration, the roar of the engine, the sight, sound and feel of a real racing machine. It’s true the electric has more torque, but instant off and on like a light switch is not racing. Racing has always been about the skill of carrying momentum. The better driver always carry’s momentum through the turns exiting as fast as entering a turn. Electric karts are much heavier due to the batteries with the motor behind the drivers seat. Gas karts have the the driver, engine and gas tank in the center of the kart, whereas the electric have the weight on the back of the kart creating a push into corners. If you’re looking for the real racing experience head for Fast Lap Indoor Go Cart Racing! Get in our Honda Sodi-kart gas powered race kart and feel the real deal. Fast Lap is only 3 blocks from the center strip, Just take Harmon west from the strip and hotels like the Cosmopolitan and Area, over the I-15 freeway, right on Polaris, north one block!  Image result for las vegas go karting

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