Fast Lap Mira Loma News!

Fast Lap Mira Loma Backwards Mondays!
Race a completely different track every Monday! Who’s going to set the Backwards Record?

Twofer Tuesdays – Every Tuesday Two racers race for the price of one, sorry no discount coupons on this great deal!

PIZZA Wednesdays – Come have lunch and a race or dinner and a race! With your race purchase get 2 FREE slices of Pizza!

Race Thursdays and Fridays! All races are 4 laps of qualifying followed by a 14 lap race! Top qualifyer starts on the pole!

Fast Lap has the best locals pricing in California and Nevada! Private Events as low as $500 per hour! Entertain as many as 40 racers per hour!

Fast Lap Mira Loma will be closed Thursday March 4th from 5pm to 8pm for a private event. redbull-race3

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