Fast Lap One of the Pioneers of Indoor Karting in the United States!

Fast Lap is one of the pioneers in the Indoor Karting Industry. We opened the door to our first facility in Las Vegas, Nevada way back in 2002 and have entertained Celebrities, Large and Small Company’s as well as the General Public in Both Las Vegas and the Inland Empire in Sunny Southern California. Fast Lap started out with gas powered race karts for the authentic and real feel of real racing. We have looked into and have tried the “Electric Kart” for our facility’s but we feel this is NOT the way to go. Electric are much heavier and do not handle like a real race kart…. Gas truly gives you the sight, sound and feel of real racing.

Lew Arlington and Greg Bernauer, owners of Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing started racing karts when they were kids. Growing up together and keeping in touch, Bernauer working in the computer business and Arlington owning a couple of Grocery Stores stopped by the original Indoor Karting Facility in Orange called Dromo 1. They had such a blast Arlington and Bernauer decided to open a facility in Las Vegas. It was a rough first year but after getting the general public to understand this type of Karting was for adults as well as young adults, the business started to skyrocket. Since then a lot of fancy electric tracks started opening all over the place. They have to be fancy because the race is simply not there. Very heavy karts with very narrow tracks, it’s almost impossible to pass. When a customer asks what’s the difference, Arlington and Bernauer always tells them to try both, knowing they will come back to the gas powered karts. So try them both! We are a private company with no investors to answer to, so here at Fast Lap we know we give you the best racing at the best price. No additional fees or special license needed. When it comes to private events and hourly rentals our prices are clear, no suprises…..Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has just refurbished our Las Vegas location, come give us a try!

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