Fast Lap Team DQ’ed after Winning PKE 2010

Three teams from Fast Lap made the finals of the PKE2010 in Las Vegas Friday with the California Team crossing the finish line first. Unfortunatly our driver made a costly error which cost us the race and his team a guarnteed $1500, possible $2500..Whenever you have a lot of cash on the line that final race always seems to get brutal. This race had a few issues, but I’m sure by next year the promoter will work out all the kinks! Got to say thanks to our mechanic, who stuck around and kept all the karts working with all the banging going on. Thanks to all our racers and all the other racers who attended, all are first class competitors! Looking forward to next years race!

Don’t forget about the Red Bull Race off for Nascar Tickets these next two weeks or our huge charity race on Feb 27th with Green Army Racing and all Off-roaders for Fast-aid. Call Fast Lap for more information! new-email-blast-new-copy

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