Fast Lap will Meet or Beat all Competitions Pricing

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been known for the past 9 years for providing the most authentic racing available to the general public. Did you know Fast Lap also has the best rates around? That’s right! Since we are locally owned and operated we have very little overhead, no shareholders or investors to please! Just a couple of longtime racers who built and operate our two facility’s, one in Las Vegas and the other in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. It’s hard to match our prices in the first place, but on occasion our competitors may offer something close and of course we will at least match it!

Seriously what would you rather race, a go-kart produced by a karting manufacturer that has been producing 100mph outdoor championship race karts for the past 30 years… did I mention gas powered race karts that are about half the weight of the electric kart? If your looking for the real racing experience, there’s only one place and that’s Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing! Fast Lap provides the sight, sound and feel of real racing with top of the line racing equipment, Dot3 Helmets, SPARCO neck collars(beware of those facility’s that do not provide neck collars, even motocross has there own neck collar’s) Gloves and karts that meet and exceed the ASTM2007 standards. I don’t mean to bash the electric guys(all karting is fun) but the weight difference is like driving a meat truck vs. the lightweight gas powered karts that you can move around with your body like a real kart racer. So next time you want to kart just come to Fast Lap! Better racing, longer races(18 to 25 laps) with the best pricing in town!

Fast Lap Las Vegas is just 3 blocks from the strip! walk west on Harmon from Planet Hollywood, Aria, Cosmopolitan Hotels 2 blocks, turn right on Polaris and one block north and you’re there! Got a party of 6 or more? Give us a call and we will send the Van at no charge.(we do require a deposit, someone has sent us on wild goose chases a few times, I bet you can guess who… lol The deposit will be used towards your racing)

In Southern California we are in the middle of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Corona in the City of Mira Loma/Eastvale…. Just 35 to 40 minutes from Los Angeles, Anaheim and Pasadena on the very west end of the Inland Empire, where the I-15 and 60 Freeways meet!

Let’s Race!

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