“Fun” Raisers at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing


It’s easy and FUN to hold a Fund raiser at Fast Lap! Two simple steps:

Step ONE : RESERVE an EVENING – Reserve a fund-raiser day or night for your group. Copy and distribute the flyer, provided by our manager, throughout your community. Invite as many members, friends and family as you can.

Step TWO : Have a RACE PARTY! – We will handle the party, serve up some great racing at discounted prices and do the clean-up as well! You and your group have a blast and at the end of the night you will be presented with a check fo 50% of the total races sold to your group! It’s that easy. Our last fund-raising group brought in raffle prizes, sold tickets and raffled them off for even more money! Call Lew to set up your time or for more information at 310-753-0955

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