Gas Powered Race Karts at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Over 9 years ago when we, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing first opened our door’s we had to decide what was the most authentic racing available to the general public. Both gas powered and electric karts where offered up by various company’s to run on our track. Being kart racer’s ourselves, we had to go with gas power, the sight, sound and with the lighter karts the feel of real racing.  With the gas powered karts weighing significantly less than that of the electric ones, we felt handling and safety was and is superiour to the electric ones. OTL the maker of many electric karts here in the US uses traditional LEAD based batteries “OTL supplies vehicles fed by traditional batteries (for up to 15 minutes of autonomous operation), should these batteries crack, break or leak it can become a serious hazard. Here’s a story just recently published:

BEIJING, March 4 (Reuters) – Lead emission from factories and the natural environment in China’s manufacturing heart of Guangdong has poisoned 160 children, Xinhua said on Sunday in the country’s latest case of unfettered industrial toxins. Children from Dongtang town in Renhua country were
found to have “elevated” levels of lead in their blood after inhaling lead-contaminated air and eating food tainted with lead, Xinhua said. The natural level of lead in Dongtang is also higher than usual as the town sits on a lead-zinc ore belt which raises the lead content in the soil, Xinhua said. The report did not name the factories responsible for the lead emissions and was based on preliminary investigations that tested the blood samples of 531 residents last month. Lead poisoning is prevalent in China and has sparked protests in the past among angry parents of children hurt by heavy metal pollution. Lead is especially damaging to children as it can impede learning and affect behaviours. To counter widespread public anger, Beijing has promised to crack down on lead pollution. An industry body said last
May China could shut three quarters of lead-acid battery plants in the next two or three years to cut local lead demand. China is the world’s largest consumer of refined lead, with 70 percent used for making batteries. Lead poisoning builds up through regular exposure to small amounts of lead and damages the nervous and reproductive systems, kidneys, as well as causing high blood pressure and anaemia. In 2009, protesters broke into one smelting plant they blamed for the lead poisoning of more than 600 children, smashing trucks and tearing down fences before the police stopped them.

If your looking for the real racing experience in light weight gas powered race karts, look no futher! Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is the place! In 9 years of operating in Las Vegas Fast Lap has provided the most authentic racing experience to thousands, including race stars, movie and TV stars and to thousands of the general public. Fast Lap Las Vegas is just 3 blocks from the strip and great hotels like the Aria, Cosmoploitan and Planet Hollywood!

Fast Lap California is just minutes away from Ontario, Corona, Fontana, Anaheim and just 35 to 40 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and the OC.

Sodi-race karts at Fast Lap

Real Racing in Gas Powered Karts!

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