Racing at Fast Lap Indoor Karting!

Since Fast Lap Indoor Go-Karting runs Honda gas powered karts we can offer longer races without any loss of power. Now at both our locations get 12 minute races, In Las Vegas that gets you 20 to 26 laps of racing and in Los Angeles/Ontario it gets you 18 to 22 laps of racing. Saturday and Sunday count on 10 minute races with 16 to 21 laps in Las Vegas and 15 to 18 laps in California. Voted the #1 Indoor Karting facility several times by publications like IE Weekly and MyFox LA Fast Lap is the real deal. Just about every NASCAR, IndyCar and Motocross racer has tested their skill at Fast Lap. Take a look at our testimonial page for a long list of Company’s, Celebraties and Racers who have raced at Fast Lap. With the upcoming race at California Speedway don’t be suprised to see some NASCAR greats do a little racing at Fast Lap Mira Loma. Fast Lap is just 15 minutes from the Speedway in Fontana and just minutes from Ontario, Corona and the entire Inland Empire. Come see what people are talking about, come race at Fast Lap!

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