Groups,Bachelor Party’s, Corporate Events at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Groups, Bachelor Partys and small Corporate Events from 6 to 12 people try our Mini Grand Prix, Our Race and Fly, Race and Shoot Packages in Las Vegas! Our Mini Grand Prix is priced at just $68 per person and includes transportation to and from Fast Lap(We are just 3 blocks from the strip) 3 races, practice, qualifying, championship race for Fast Lap Trophy, we provide all of your safety equipment as well! The MGP takes just under 2 hours from pick-up to drop off.

Want a little more? The “Race and Fly” is an awesome adventure and has the same kart racing as I just described but we add on a trip over to the Indoor Sky Diving Range where you learn how to float on air, very similar feeling like jumping out of a plane. The Race and Fly package is about 4 hours and priced at only $200 per person.

If your feeling a little like James Bond, try our Race and Shoot! Race our professionally built Indoor Kart Track with speeds up to 40 mph(Top speed of the kart is just about 50 mph, dont forget to use the brakes on some of the corners) with your group of 10! After finding out who the best driver is we take you over to American Shooters where you blast away machine guns followed by a hand gun championship for the house t-shirt or cap… This event is just about 4 hours and is priced at $240 per person. Want to do all three? Same day or over two days? Total package price is $350 per person! Packages all depend on availability, so make your reservations as early as possible. We are coming into the busy time in Las Vegas with some of the largest conventions on the planet!


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