Irwindale/Toyota Speedway Winner Ricky Lewis

Congratulations to Ricky Lewis! A Fast Lap Go-Karting regular won his first race in the Bandalero Division at Toyota Motor Speedway! Ricky just recently started to race the Bandelaro division finishing on the podium last race and working his way to the top spot this week. Keep your eye on this young man, he’s got tons of talent, smarts and the right attitude to get to and stay on the top of this division! The season just got interesting… Here’s what Toyota Motor Speedway had to say:

Jans Towing Bandoleros; The two stand-outs this season in the bandoleros  Christian McGhee and Danny Nikolai finished 3rd and 2nd. But now were talkin’ about a new winner Ricky Lewis. Ricky has been running up front all season and it was only time until we saw him in victory lane.

Way to go Ricky!!!!


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