It’s Gas Powered Racing at PKE in Las Vegas!


Your Chance to Win $5000
Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing will be hosting qualifiers for the first-ever indoor stadium kart race at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas. The karts will be gas powered and are much different than the “Battery Powered Type” so the only place to really practice for the race is at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas or Fast Lap in Mira Loma! The qualifiers will be on January 12 in Mira Loma, California. California using our 90-minute Team Endurance format. The winning team will receive a free entry into the 180-lap Vegas event on February 5 where they will compete for $5000 in cash inside the 4400-seat stadium. Cost for the qualifier is only $180 and will include our normal 90-minute, 3-5 driver format. The Las Vegas format will consist of 3 member teams, so it would be a good idea to only compete with a three man team. Call Fast Lap Mira Loma to sign-up for the qualifyer soon @ 951-681-3601 For more information on PKE check out In total, Fast Lap will be sending the maximum number of teams allowed to this first-ever event. Details on the qualifiers at our Las Vegas
, Nevada track will be announced soon! Remember this Vegas event will be running gas powered karts, where momentum is a must and the use of the gas and brake are a must to maintain your speed through the turns. Battery powered racers need to get to the gas powered tracks to practice or they will have little chance of winning.


Fast Lap is located at 3215 Corridor Drive, Mira Loma, CA 91752 and 4288 S. Polaris #109 Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

You can reach us at 951-681-3601 in Mira Loma and 702-736-8113 in Las Vegas!


Funny how a big National Event chooses gas power over battery power, As is in all forms of real racing!

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