Las Vegas’s Only Gas Powered Indoor Go Kart Racing

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing opened 14 years ago this month. Since that time Fast Lap has been the only karting facility that provided as Howie Mandell (a client) says: “It’s the Real Deal”! Super light weight go kart frames powered by Honda gas powered engines. Get racing on our 9 turn quarter mile road course with several friends, up to 10 and see who’s the fastest! With our computerized time keeping system you can compare your lap times with friends and family and take home their bragging rights. Fast Lap is located just a few blocks from the fabled Las Vegas Strip, just 3 blocks from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. If you are looking for something extra to do other than the ordinary, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is your place. Let’s Race!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas

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