Start the year out right with our “Lose weight racing go-kart’s”! That’s right! Racing go-karts uses muscles you didn’t even knew you had! Ever go karting and the next day you’re wondering why you are so sore? Take advantage of our “Platinum 30 day race pass*”, race any day but Saturday for 30 days over January and February 2017 for only $199 or pick up our Diamond 30 day pass for $299. Get some seat time in, learn to race and get tone and possibly lose some weight. Of course weight loss does include dietary improvements as well.

Simple restrictions for “Platinum” Race anytime, except Saturdays, private events or no consecutive racing(must rest between races) Diamond has the same restrictions but can race a maximum of 4 races on Saturday’s. Lose weight, improve your driving skills and get on the Pole Position at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Friends and Family Races at Fast Lap!

Friends and Family Races at Fast Lap!

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