Most Professional Racers Start In Go Kart Racing

The world of big-league racing, from NASCAR to Formula One, starts with karting; even at the grass-roots level, karting is as competitive as any racing you’ll find. Whether you use karting as a way to develop your driving skills, as a stepping stone to other series, or you just want to feel the speed, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing offers a real race experience you’ll never forget.

Established in 2003, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is Vegas’ first and only Indoor Kart track that operates gas powered karts. Our Karts were inspired by the 2006 CIK Outdoor World Champions Sodi-Kart. The Karts are equipped with Honda 200cc engines which can reach speeds up to 50 mph. With the gas powered Honda engine you never experience a loss of power. Fast Lap prides itself on maintaining consistent and equal racing machines for your competitive enjoyment. To keep the racing fun and competitive the maximum number of drivers at any time is twelve. Fast Lap gives you not only a great racing experience (we feel the best in the business) but also gives you a great value as well. Fast Lap races are 15 to 20 laps on the track depending on your driving skills! The most of any Indoor facility in Las Vegas.

Fast Lap is also a great place to build a Winning Team! Fast Lap has entertained many National Companies such as: Google, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, Addias, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Ford, GM, Fox Clothing, Piloti and the list goes on and on and on!

Let’s Race!

Kurt and Kyle Busch racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas!

Kurt and Kyle Busch racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas!

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