A few weeks ago NASCAR announced they would have two Cup Races in Las Vegas, The first to be on Sunday March 4th 2018 and the second on Sunday September 16th 2018! This was great news for Las Vegas as the original race was normally sold out and brought thousands of people into Las Vegas from all over the country. This was Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing’s second busiest week behind the SEMA Show. The new September race will be fantastic at a time when Las Vegas is usually slow due to vacations being over and back to school for many Americans across the country. We know we are certainly looking forward to it here at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing here in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada! If you are thinking of booking a holiday event now till the end of the year today is the day to do so as Fast Lap is offering 20% off our published rates through July 14th 2017 for any future party or holiday event till the end of the year. Book it today!

Party's at Las Vegas Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Party’s at Las Vegas Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!


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