New Indoor Kart Racing Facility Slated To Open In Carson City

Just about 6 months ago Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing was approached to help open a new Karting Center in Northern Nevada. Fresh off of helping a client open a facility on the East Coast Fast Lap was ready to jump in and take on with helping another facility open! The new facility located in Carson City is going to be electric Sodi-karts with a great road course track designed to be challenging enough for professional drivers yet drive-able for the rookie to novice. Sodi-kart have long been known as the finest outdoor and indoor gas powered racing machines. A few years back Sodi looked into the future and now builds in our opinion the finest electric Indoor Race Karts! The Carson City Track will be great for “Arrive and Drive” Birthday, Bachelor Party’s and Corporate Events! We are glad we had the opportunity to help build this fabulous facility and are certain of some great racing for years to come! Keep your eyes open as this facility will open in the coming weeks!If you are looking to open a facility give Lew a call at 310-753-0955

Go kart racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas

Go kart racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas


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