October Starts The Las Vegas Party And Convention Season

Las Vegas has been a place to throw an amazing party or have an incredible sales meeting or convention. You may ask why? Las Vegas is truly the only place in the United States to have several large groups all in one place with many things to do. Thousands of hotel rooms with great pricing, International Airport with thousands of flights daily and low prices from anywhere in the United States, Mass transportation facilities(car rental, buses, thousands of cabs, Uber and lyft, monorail systems, it’s easy to get anywhere on the strip), best restaurants in the world and plenty of them to take care of all travelers, business or pleasure. When you are thinking of a place to go for your next event, party or convention think about Las Vegas! Besides all the good stuff I just mentioned there’s all kinds of off the strip things to do as well. Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is one of them, providing the real racing experience for singles, groups or large corporations. Fast Lap has been doing it for the past 14 years. Great friends of ours, owners of other off the strip facilities would include Battlefield Las Vegas, Vegas Indoor Skydiving or take a night flight down the Las Vegas strip in a Sundance Helicopter! Book an event at Fast Lap and let us book some other fun events for you. We have a great one that includes fast go-karts and shooting guns we call the “Race and Shoot” Includes pick-up and drop-of, racing go karts and shooting guns. Takes just a little over 4 hours to complete!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing  Las Vegas Party

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas Party


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