Come do some extreme kart racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. Walk-in to our Indoor Racing Facility just 3 short blocks from the strip and great hotels like the Aria, Cosmoploitan and Planet Hollywood Hotels. Walk west on Harmon from the strip(Harmon splits the Cosmo & Aria Hotels) 2 blocks to Polaris, take a right and walk one block north to Fast Lap Indoor Karting!

Sign-up for one of the best price racing venues in the country, watch a short safety video, then head out to one of the best Indoor Karting experiences in the WORLD! We feel as do our customers, FastLap provides the most authentic, real racing experience in real gas powered karts anywhere! We know we  provide the closest thing to real racing available to the general public.

Have a group of 6 or more? In most cases your group will race alone(busy days others may join in up to a max of 12 drivers), just a couple in your party or you come alone, join others on the track for a real adrenilene pumping racing experience. Fast Lap does it right and has been providing the very best racing in Las Vegas for the past 8 years!

Concerned about safety? Fast Lap has never had an injury in the 8 years of business in Las Vegas, customer or associate. We provide the very best in safety equipment. Everyone is provided top of the line safety products like Sparco neck collar’s, Dot rated helmet’s, gloves and optional race suits. (other tracks dont provide neck collars which in our mind and everyone in racing feel are absolutly necessary) Our facility is inspected 3 times a year, twice by local government inspectors and a third by a private engineering firm. At Fast Lap we let you race(on of the many difference’s over our electric karting friends). Of course we always have our track marshalls watching every race, if your bumping intentionally your going to be removed from the track!

Jump in, race the longest races in Vegas with 16 to 22 laps in each race. After your race compare your times with your friends, family and co-workers on your race print-out. Coming soon you will be able to check and compare your times via the internet! Come take a spin at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. Any questions, please call Fast Lap direct anytime from 11am to 10pm 7 days a week. Hope to see you in the winners circle!

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