Off The Strip Things To Do When In Las Vegas

Once again Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been named one of the top 5 things to do off the “Strip”! As you know there’s all kinds of things to do on the “Strip’ such as pool time, eating at a Buffet or the very best sit down restaurants, seeing a great Vegas Show or do some mean gambling! These “things to do” don’t vary much from hotel to hotel. If you are looking to get out of your hotel and try something new and fun, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is the place! Fast Lap has provided the “Real Racing Experience” for the past 14 years. Opening in the spring of 2003 Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing just celebrated it’s 14th year in business. Never raising our prices we feel we are still the most fun  off the strip thing to do, so does the local Las Vegas magazine who celebrated many businesses with Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing making the top 5 places to go!  Fast Lap still owned and operated by two families who love racing and have raced many years themselves! Fast Lap is the only gas powered indoor kart racing facility in Las Vegas, they use world famous outdoor race karts made in France who also make the Indoor concession karts, if you are in the racing world you’ll know Sodi-Kart! The karts are Honda powered and have all race parts like Tillett Race seats and powerful disc brakes that will stopn the kart on a dime. All safety equipment is top of the line with Dot and Snell rated helmets, Sparco race suits and customized neck collars. The track was designed by professional racers where it is technical enough for the serious racer but smooth enough for the rookie racer. Our timing system is state of the art with timing to 1000th of a second. Get your personalized race print-out at the end of all your races with all your lap-times and the times of the folks you race with. Like Howie Mandell said after he raced, “Fast Lap is the real deal” He loved it so much he forgot about being a germ-a-foab! Give us a call, set a time for your small group or rent us out by the hour or day. We are here to have fun and provide you with the real racing experience! Lets Race!

Team event at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

Team event at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas


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