Had so much fun at Fast Lap Indoor Go-Karting you want to open your own? Before you read on the cost of opening a simple “Black and White” gas powered facility will cost a minimum of $500k to get open and for an electric facility $650k, If, and a big if, you find the perfect building.

Fast Lap can help! Being one of the pioneers of Indoor Kart Racing here in the US and with over 14 years of hands on experience as well as ownership of 2 Indoor Karting Facility’s (100% ownership) we know the business. We can provide you with a complete business plan that includes everything you need to get started. Along with our plan, Fast Lap is there to show you where to source the things necessary to open, insurance, karts, timing system, parts, helmets, barriers, etc and a well written business plan that was accepted by the SBA, but again SBA loans want 100% collateral.

Most importantly Fast Lap will also give you personal guidance with regards to governmental approval, building size and track design… What local agencies look for during the approval process. Honest and REAL feedback when it comes to the location your choosing, the City or actual site location. What demographics are needed for a successful and profitable operation. There have been some recent track openings that should have never happened as the local community could not support the business, high rents as well as hidden track locations. Marketing of the business, We can tell you what works and what’s a waste of your money through our own experience!

Fast Lap will help you get open without any long term franchise fees or agreements. Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is already known all over the country. In addition to that Fast Lap will link your website to ours. Search “Indoor Kart Racing” on Google and we come up on the front page. We have many Internet tips to get you to the top of the search engines.

Right now is a great time to open your facility, warehouse rents are at an all-time low and City Planners have a lot of time on their hands so the approval process will be quick.

Get started today! Our business plan, reference guide and personal guidance to open your facility is only $2400 payable by VISA/Mastercard. If you honestly want to own a facility that is money well spent as you will be getting thousands and thousands of dollars in advise. I have been in business for over 14 years.

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