Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Team Building Specialists

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been providing fantastic corporate events for the past 13 years. A company favorite is the “Team Endurance” Race and no one does it better! Here’s an example:

For a great team building experience, we’ll do our “endurance race format”. We’ll have everyone complete a practice/ qualifying session and then take the fastest racers and pair them with the slowest creating equal teams.
For example, if we had a group of 20 we would create 5 teams with 4 drivers, give them a few minutes to stratigize, then hold a 40 minute endurance race with pit stops and driver changes. Everyone stays involved and excited cheering on their team! The first team to cross the finish line when time runs out is the company Team Champion! This is a FAVORITE of our corporate clients for the past 13 years. Everyone is engaged the entire race while cheering their team on!
Then for a little more fun and bragging rights we’ll do a singles championship race, where we take the top ten fastest drivers from the original qualifying race and have them compete in a 10 lap shootout for overall singles champion! 1st place trophy goes to each participant on the winning endurance team race and one for the over all fastest racer.  
We do offer complimentary shuttle service as well from a strip location. 
We use Chef JB as our preferred caterer. He does a terrific job, foods great and very reliable. He cooks on site, provides a staff member as well to make certain our guests are well taken care of. His rates start at $18 per person up to $28, I can set it up or you can call him direct. I’ve attached his most popular menu. Chef JB 702-806-5141  


Fast Lap Karting is just blocks from the famous Las Vegas Strip. If you are looking for the ultimate corporate event contact us via phone or e-mail. Your questions and booking will be answered and handled that day. E-mail is at

Las Vegas Karting at Fast Lap

Las Vegas Karting at Fast Lap

Endurance Race At Fast Lap A Corporate Favorite at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is a great place to plan your next corporate event! Race your colleagues, customers and prospective clients in a fun competitive atmosphere. For team building try our Endurance Race!

The Team Endurance Race is for groups of 9 to 100! For example, if we had 30 racers, we would create 6 Teams of 5 drivers. First we send all participants out for some practice laps, then qualifying sessions. Based on their qualifying, the fastest drivers are paired with the slowest to create equal teams. You may have a team with the President of the company paired with an accountant from the accounting department, the receiver or someone from the advertising department, associates who may not work together on a daily basis.  We give the teams a few minutes to strategize, who will start the race and who will finish the race. Then start a 40 minute “Team Endurance Race”  with pit stops and driver changes, first team to cross the finish line when time runs out is the company winner. Everyone cheers there team on and stays involved during the entire race! Winning team gets Fast Lap Trophy’s!

Then for more fun and company bragging rights, we hold our singles championship race. We take the top 10 racers (based on their earlier qualifying for the Pole Position) and put them on the track for the individual championship, 12 lap shoot-out, winner gets a Fast Lap Trophy and gets to hold the bragging rights till your next event!

Fast Lap is only 5 minutes from the fabled Las Vegas Strip, just 3 long blocks! If your planning a racing event Fast Lap owns its own 21 passenger bus, yes we can pick your group up as well!

Company events at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Company events at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!



NASCAR will hit Las Vegas the week March 6th through Sunday March 12 2017. This has become one of the busiest weeks in Las Vegas and for sure one of Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing as well. Fast Lap gets everything from the real deal like Kyle, Kurt Busch, Hamlin, and there’s a very good possibility your favorite driver shows up. If you’re coming to Vegas to enjoy the week, the race make sure you stop by Fast Lap to get your race on! Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been a drivers favorite for the last 13 years, the only Indoor gas powered facility in Las Vegas, We are located just 3 blocks from the Cosmopolitan and Aria Hotels, 4 blocks from Caesars and the Bellagio Hotels. Call us, we will pick up groups of 6 or more from your hotel. Book a private event today! Call Lew @ 310-753-0955 today to lock down your spot! Fast Lap gives you the closest thing to real racing available to the general public! Fast Lap Indoor Karting has been entertaining people, companies and racers for the past 13 years, the real deal!

Getting ready to race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

Getting ready to race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

AVN Coming to Las Vegas this Weekend

The AVN show brings people from  all over the country to Las Vegas to check out an awards show that’s reserved for adults. Las Vegas is the perfect spot for this type of awards show. Like many, these same folks love racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. It’s a great week to come mix it up with these film stars and avid race fans. Please call ahead as we have several closed private events this week. 702-736-8113 Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is your place to race, the real racing experience.  avn

Fast Lap Las Vegas and Corporate Events

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas has just completed several corporate racing events all were absolutely fantastic! Fast Lap entertained groups from 20 to 60 this past week and everyone had a ball! We have many more down the pipeline. If you’re coming to Las Vegas and want to have fun with your associates or clients give us a call and book your racing event soon! Now till June Las Vegas is slammed!

Racing Party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

Racing Party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

Indoor Kart Racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Indoor Kart Racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing


Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Welcomes JB Catering

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has put on thousands of Birthday, Bachelor and Corporate party’s over the last 14 years that require food and beverage. Using many different companies and have finally settled on JB Catering. Always on time, great food and service people at a very competitive price. One of the favorites is JB’s Badlands BBQ:

Fresh Fruit Tray

Mixed Field Greens with Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Craisins, Red Onion and Croutons with Ranch and Raspberry Balsamic Dressings. Sweet Kentucky Cole slaw, Badlands BBQ Pulled Pork and Rolls. Badlands BBQ Chicken, 1/3 lb Steak Burger with Rolls and Condiments. Badlands Baked Beans, Roasted Corn on the Cob, Sweet Southern Corn Bread and assorted Gourmet Cookies and Fudgy Brownies. $23.95 per guest, All inclusive.

Includes Service, Disposables, Food COOKED ON SITE. Set-up, Tear down an

Party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas - Catering

Party at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas – Catering

d clean-up


Historically January through June is the busiest time in Las Vegas with the 1st quarter being the busiest. As you guessed, it is Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing’s busiest time of the year as well.  If you’re planning on booking an exciting race party at Fast Lap the sooner the better. We are filling up fast with over 30 party’s this month alone. We are the best place to race in the Las Vegas Valley , The only Indoor gas powered race place! Let’s Race!

Party's at Las Vegas Indoor Kart Racing!

Party’s at Las Vegas Indoor Kart Racing!


“Arrive and Drive” racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Coming to Las Vegas? Come on over to Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing and join in the excitement of indoor go-kart racing. Get into our “Arrive and Drive” racing and join up to 12 total racers all competing at speeds up to 50 mph. One race session race 15 to 22 laps depending on your skill level. We have the best racing at the best price in Las Vegas. For almost 14 years the only Honda Indoor gas powered racing facility! Fast Lap is the most exciting thing to do off the fabled Las Vegas Strip! Located just 3 long blocks from the Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood and the Bellagio Hotels and Casinos. Call us for more information!

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Looking for an extreme day you wont soon forget? Let Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing set up a day of racing and shooting guns! Start your day with pick-up from your strip hotel head over to racing karts at Fast Lap with our Mini Grand Prix, practice race, qualifying session followed by the Championship race for a Fast Lap Trophy! We then take you over to “Battlefield Las Vegas” The best shooting range in Vegas. Shoot machine guns, followed by a hand gun competition for a Battlefield Hat or T-Shirt! Then back to your strip hotel all for only $240 per person!

Fast Lap Race Go Karting and shooting at Battlefield, Vegas

Fast Lap Race Go Karting and shooting at Battlefield, Vegas


Fast Lap Las Vegas Replaces Most Engines With New 212 CC Placement

To always continue to improve our operations giving our customers the very best racing experience, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is in the process of replacing all of our gas powered engines to a slightly larger displacement. From 196cc to the new 212 cc gas powered motors. Our mechanics have test driven some that have been replaced and claim we are getting about one second faster per lap. If you know racing, you know that’s a big number. We should have all replaced by the end of the month. Along with fresh tires and cold weather , look for some record breaking laps!

Honda gas powered go kart racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Honda gas powered go kart racing at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing