Best Racing at the Best Price at Fast Lap Indoor Go-Kart Racing

For over nine years Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has provided the most authentic kart racing available to the general public. With great Indycar drivers like Paul Tracy, Jimmy Vasser and our own local Ritchie Hearn as well as NASCAR greats like the Busch brothers, Kyle and Kurt, Deny Hamlin, the old timer Mark Martin, Motocross greats like Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed and the old guy Ricky Johnson(Who is now, by the way, a Championship off-road racer) you have to know Fast Lap provides the “Real Deal” like our Hollywood celebrity Howie Mandel said! So much for the name-dropping, did you know Fast Lap also offers the best racing at the best price? That’s right! Locally owned and operated without any “Franchise fees” or investors hands in our pockets, Fast Lap can keep our prices down without losing any of the “Real Racing Experience”. We have some competitors (the electric guys, now is that really racing? They should put a toggle switch on the steering wheel, maybe they could put a pretend paddle shifter, press the right side and you go, the left side and you stop) What I mean to say is real racing is in a Honda Gas Powered Sodi Racing Machine, Outdoor World Champions, where momentum is the key driving ability, keeping the kart as fast coming out of a turn as going in, feathering the brake and gas pedal to maintain your speed,  if you know anything about kart racing you know Sodi-Kart, CRG and Tony Karts are the big players in Championship outdoor kart racing …. Honda? Um, Yeah I don’t think they race anything electric, have you heard of F1, Indycar, Motocross? One of these electric guys actually put up a billboard directly across the freeway from our facility, how desperate is that? At first we thought wow, that’s a bit over the top….. But it has actually increased our activity so I guess it’s a “Big Thanks”! Go figure! If your looking for the “Real Deal” as Howie says, you must visit Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas or in the Los Angeles area, Mira Loma, CA very near Corona, Anaheim, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario International Airport! Let’s Race!

OVAL Racing coming to Fast Lap Mira Loma!

That’s right Fast Lap Mira Loma is adding a Nascar/Indy style racing oval to go along with our 1/4 mile road course! Starting April 4th you will now be able to race an oval track at Fast Lap Mira Loma. If your visiting Los Angeles area of southern California stop by and give oval racing a try. Fast Lap Mira Loma ia located just 35 to 40 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and Anaheim, California! Just 5 minutes from Ontario International Airport, Pomona Fairgrounds, Auto Club Speedway and Corona. Fast Lap is where the I-15 and 60 freeways meet. Looking to race fast go-karts? Look no further, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Mira Loma and Fast Lap Las Vegas! Let’s Race!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Puts Together Hours of Fun!

Trust Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing to put together your next Las Vegas adreniline pumping event. We can put together an incredible kart racing event for groups of 6 to 206 !  We can make it a combo event to like our popular “Race and Shoot”

“Race and Shoot” $220 per person – Pick-up and drop-off at your strip Hotel, Mini Grand Prix at Fast Lap, Practice race, Qualifying session, Championship race for Fast Lap Trophy. Transporation to the range where you shoot 3 magazines in a machine gun like the UZI or Tommy Gun followed by a hand gun competition for a Hat ot T-Shirt!        Give us a call to arrange your next trip to Las Vegas and some of the most adreniline pumping times! Fast Lap Las Vegas is so close to the strip you can throw a rock from  the Cosmopolitan and hit our building! Fast Lap California is just 35 to 40 minutes from Los Angeles! On the west side of the Inland Empire near Corona, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario. Let’s Race!

Recent Reviews of Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Had some great reviews as of late and wanted to share them with you!

This is such a fun place to go indoor go kart racing, I have been here SEVERAL times for holidays, birthdays,
etc. The staff is great. Sometimes, there are jerks who hit you on the track, causing you to spin out..but the staff is quick to come save you. Make sure to communicate with staff if you would like to go on a race without the jerks who keep bumping into you. Thank you to the staff for your excellent customer service.

Appropriately named FAST LAP!  An adrenaline filled and exhilarating experience.  I  went this past weekend for the first time, and certainly won’t be my last!  The track was well designed with various sharp turns and straightaways.  I rode 3 races and all the carts were comparably fast.  My average speed was 36mph!  At the end of each race, you get a print out of how everyone performed.  This was a really cool touch!  The place was easy to
find as well.  The very friendly staff helped me with my gear (helmet, face mask and gloves) and to get ready for the race.  An awesome experience for all ages!


Visited friends recently in the area and we wanted to do something fun.  It was the perfect idea, us adults had so much fun we took the kids the next day.  I’d defiantly do this again next time in town.  I’ve been to plenty of these places with my pre-teen boys and enjoyed taking them here most.  Maintenance and safety were priorities and the staff was very energetic and friendly.  Vroom, vroom!


I have been to several Karting tracks. This is by far the best track I have been to. I always make a point to stop in while in California. This is a must if you are in the area!!


I have been wanting to go here since I moved to the area a couple of years ago. My father-in-law was in town and he’s really into racing, so it gave me a good excuse to finally get to Fast Lap. We had SO much fun! The carts go fast and the track is pretty big! The employees were very friendly, helpful and on top of things. I haven’t raced go carts since I was a kid, so I really didn’t know what to expect my first time out. It didn’t take long to feel comfortable in the cart and on the track. I can’t wait to go back and race again. You should all go here if you want to have a lot of fun!


THANKS to all of you who have taken the time to write a review! I share them all, good and bad (very rarely bad) with my staff. We all appreciate your business and will continue to do our best to provide “The Real Racing Experience”

If your looking to try the closet racing next to the big leagues, then you must try Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing! Coming to Las Vegas? We are only 3 blocks from the strip off of Harmon and Polaris. 1/2 mile from Planet Hollywood, Aria, Manderin, Vdara, New York, New York and the Cosmopolitan. Have 6 or more in your party? Give us a call and we will send our Fast Lap bus or Van.

In California Fast Lap is located on the very West end of the Inland Empire, in the center of Corona, Norco, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and only 35 to 40 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and Disneyland in Anaheim.



Fast Lap Wins “Best of GROUPON 2011″

Although we do not often promote our business through GROUPON, Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing was awarded their prestigious “Best of 2011″ award. The award goes to businesses who reach a certain plateu with sales, customer satisfaction and repeat customers. During these tough economic times Fast Lap wanted to offer up racing at a price most people can afford. With the price we offered we made little to no money but turned on thousands of folks to the “Real Racinig Experience.” We say “The Real Racing Experience” because there are a lot of people out there trying to do what we do but just can’t. Real racing in Honda gas powered race karts, where you get the sight, sound and feel of real racing in our light weight superfast Sodi race karts. Heres a link to Sodi Kart, check it out, these are the guys who produce most of the Indoor and Outdoor Karts around the world. Thank you GROUPON customers for the 98% return rate! We truly appreciate your business, keep your eyes open for other great discounts! Fast Lap IS the “Real Racing Experience”!

Fast Lap is located in Las Vegas, Nevada only 3 blocks from “Center Strip” and great hotels like the Cosmo, Aria and Planet Hollywood off of Harmon and Polaris, just 2 blocks west on Harmon, one block north on Polaris from the strip. 702-736-8113

Fast Lap Los Angeles is where the I-15 meets the 60 freeway, In Ontario/Mira Loma just minutes from Corona and 35-40 minutes from Anaheim and downtown Los Angeles. You can reach us at 951-681-3601

Both Fast Laps provide great bachelor and birthday party’s, Corporate events, team building events, and have done so for some of the largest company’s across the United States, in fact the World. Looking to do a party call us, we provide the best event that wont break the bank or gouge you especially in the Vegas market….


Fast Lap Teams up with San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps

Fast Lap Mira Loma has teamed up with the SGVCC to recycle many different items to help raise money for local youths By partnering with the SGVCC Recycling Program we will assist in providing job training and an education to the youth in our communities all while helping conserve the environment. Currently the SGVCC service’s over 100 businesses throughout the San Gabriel Valley such as; Rusnak Auto Group, Longo Toyota, Bally Total Fitness and more…Partner with local schools to bring incentives  and recycling knowledge to all students Provide services focused on conservation including beautification projects as a fee for service. Fast Lap owner Lew Arlington says”This is a great partneship to recycle and assist our youth with job training” So when your racing at Fast Lap, please put your recycables in our new clearly marked containers. Lets Race!

Fast Lap Mira Loma is located just minutes from Los Angeles and Anaheim, right smack in the middle of Corona, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga on the very west end of the Inland Empire! Come race where the pros race, come race at Fast Lap!




Fast Lap will Meet or Beat all Competitions Pricing

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been known for the past 9 years for providing the most authentic racing available to the general public. Did you know Fast Lap also has the best rates around? That’s right! Since we are locally owned and operated we have very little overhead, no shareholders or investors to please! Just a couple of longtime racers who built and operate our two facility’s, one in Las Vegas and the other in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. It’s hard to match our prices in the first place, but on occasion our competitors may offer something close and of course we will at least match it!

Seriously what would you rather race, a go-kart produced by a karting manufacturer that has been producing 100mph outdoor championship race karts for the past 30 years… did I mention gas powered race karts that are about half the weight of the electric kart? If your looking for the real racing experience, there’s only one place and that’s Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing! Fast Lap provides the sight, sound and feel of real racing with top of the line racing equipment, Dot3 Helmets, SPARCO neck collars(beware of those facility’s that do not provide neck collars, even motocross has there own neck collar’s) Gloves and karts that meet and exceed the ASTM2007 standards. I don’t mean to bash the electric guys(all karting is fun) but the weight difference is like driving a meat truck vs. the lightweight gas powered karts that you can move around with your body like a real kart racer. So next time you want to kart just come to Fast Lap! Better racing, longer races(18 to 25 laps) with the best pricing in town!

Fast Lap Las Vegas is just 3 blocks from the strip! walk west on Harmon from Planet Hollywood, Aria, Cosmopolitan Hotels 2 blocks, turn right on Polaris and one block north and you’re there! Got a party of 6 or more? Give us a call and we will send the Van at no charge.(we do require a deposit, someone has sent us on wild goose chases a few times, I bet you can guess who… lol The deposit will be used towards your racing)

In Southern California we are in the middle of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Corona in the City of Mira Loma/Eastvale…. Just 35 to 40 minutes from Los Angeles, Anaheim and Pasadena on the very west end of the Inland Empire, where the I-15 and 60 Freeways meet!

Let’s Race!

NASCAR COMING to Auto Club Speedway, Racers coming to Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

NASCAR will be rolling into So.California March 23-25th racing at Auto Club Speedway. If your coming to see the race stop by Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing and do some authentic kart racing! Fast Lap is only 10 minutes from the speedway, so get your race on at Fast Lap. We ahve the best racing at the best price. In the Inland Empire get our specials that are way below our competitors and race in REAL Honda gas powered race karts. We are located where the I-15 meets the 60 Freeway in Mira Loma/Ontario/Corona area of the Inland Empire. Don’t just watch the race, get in the race at Fast Lap! Hey, we will see you in the winners circle! Lets Race!

Rent a GoPro next time you race at Fast Lap

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has teamed up with GoPro Video Cameras to record your next racing experience at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas and the Los Angeles area of Southern California. All our helmets are equipted to handle the new GoPro Hero2, you rent our GoPro camera and keep the Kingsto 4 GB Memory card! All for only $20! The memory card alone ranges from $15 to $18 at your local market, Best Buy or electronics store. Record your next race and post it on YouTube! Send us an e-mail letting us know you posted it and we will give you a FREE race! (of course we will verify and mail you a FREE race coupon) Did I mention you can pick-up the new motorsports Hero2 for only $259 plus tax at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing! Limited supply so hurry and get your now!

Fast Lap is located in Las Vegas and Los Angeles(Ontario/Corona) Fast Lap is great for Corporate Team Building, Corporate Racing, Bachelor and Birthday Party’s and “Arrive and Drive” Racing. Honda Gas Powered Sodi Race Karts!

Fun filled days at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Fast Lap and most authentic race place in Las Vegas and Sunny Southern California! Now in Las Vegas we offer you some incredible extreme combination packages, all arrainged by Fast Lap for your convienence! Below are our most popular extreme events! All group deals are for 6 to 12 participants, we can make special arraingements for much larger groups!

“Race and Shoot” $220 per person – Pick-up and drop-off at your strip Hotel, Mini Grand Prix at Fast Lap, Practice race, Qualifying session, Championship race for Fast Lap Trophy. Transporation to the range where you shoot 3 magazines in a machine gun like the UZI or Tommy Gun followed by a hand
gun competition for a Hat ot T-Shirt!