“Race and Shoot” Bachelor Party Favorite at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Start out your bachelor party weekend with a trip to Fast Lap Indoor Karting in Las Vegas or Mira Loma! Our most popular event is the Mini Grand Prix – MGP, Thats 3 races with a practice race, qualifying race followed by a Championship Race! Winner gets on the podium for the 1st place trophy presentation. $68 per person includes hotel pick-up in Las Vegas(California price is slightly lower and does not include pick-up).

In  Las Vegas take the party to the next level with the “Race and Shoot” get the above MGP plus a trip to the shooting range where you will shoot 3 magazines of bullets in your choice of machine gun! Tommy Gun, AK47, UZI etc! Followed by a hand gun competition for a hat or t-shirt! This adreniline pumping adventure takes just about 4 hours and is only $240 per person!

Call or e-mail Fast Lap today for more information or to reserve your time and space!

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