“Race and Shoot” Bachelor Party’s at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Bachelor Party’s have been one of our specialty”s over the past ten years! You can go with the Mini Grand Prix which includes three organized races, Hotel Pick-up and drop-off and all safety equipment needed including a free headsock!

  • Strip Hotel pick-up and drop off in our air conditioned bus.
  • MGP – Full practice race, Qualifying Race and Championship Race
  • All safety equipment included, no extra fees and a FREE head sock to remember you Vegas Race!
  • Winner gets a Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Trophy to memorialize your event!

All for only $70 per person, truly the best deal in Las Vegas! Takes just under 2 hours from pick-up to drop-off!

Or upgrade to the maximum day of thrills and add the shooting range to our package. You get all the above, but add a trip to the range! Just a couple minutes away our bus will take your group there to shoot three magazines of bullets from a machine gun like an UZI, Tommy Gun or AK47, yes you heard it! A real machine gun! Where can you shoot a real machine gun except in a war zone! The range staff are mostly made up of professionals like off-duty or retired policeman so you know it will be a fun and safe experience! The final part of the range experience is the handgun competition for your group with the winner getting a range hat or T-shirt! This combo “Race and Shoot” experience is just $240 per person!  Total time is just under 4 hours from pick-up to drop-off!

Fast Lap Indoor Kart racing and our Shooting Range partners are the closest to the strip, so no wasting your time driving all over town! For the original real racing and shooting experience give us a call and get you’re event booked!


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