Race And Shoot Combines Two Of Las Vegas Favorite Places

The “Race and Shoot” has combined two of Las Vegas’s favorite places for a 1/4 day of extreme fun! Hotel pick-up then it’s off to Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing for the Mini Grand Prix(MGP). Practice race, qualifying session, championship race where you start the race from a standing start for a Fast Lap Trophy or T-shirt. Each race is 15 to 20 laps of racing depending on your groups driving skills. You’re group are the only ones on the track and a guaranteed start time. Winner Then its a quick ride over Battlefield Las Vegas, The number 1 Shooting Range where you will receive 3 magazines of bullets to fire from a machine gun of your choice, like an Uzi, M16 and many others, followed by a handgun shoot-off for a Battlefield T-shirt or Ball Cap! After a kick ass day of fun we take you back to your “Strip” hotel! Make your reservation today!

 Group party a Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Group party a Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing


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