Race and Shoot Las Vegas at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Coming to Las Vegas? What some incredible extreme fun? Try Fast Lap’s “Race and Shoot”! First start out with Las Vegas’s first and only Indoor Kart Racing with real HONDA gas powered Sodi Race Karts! Start with our airconditioned 20 passaenger bus picking you up from your strip Hotel and taking you to Fast Lap for our Mini Grand Prix! A racing event for 6 to 12 drivers that includes instruction, all your safety equipment(Including neck collars, some tracks dont provide) and three races… practice, qualifying and a championship race with a standing start for a Fast Lap Trophy! Then it’s back in the bus and over to the shooting range a short 5 minute drive. At the range blast away with a Tommy Gun, UZI followed by a hand gun competition for a hat or t-shirt! Once your done with all your extreme activities it’s back to your hotel. Total time is just about 4 hours. Total cost per person is only $240. This has become one of our most popular Bachelor Party Events! Give us a call and book your party soon! Fast Lap is the place to race!

When your in Los Angeles come visit our track on the west end of the Inland Empire, located just 35 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and Anaheim and places like Disneyland, Ahaheim Staduim and Dodger Stadium. Fast Lap Mira Loma is just minutes from the Ontario Mills Mall, California Speedway, the city’s of Corona, Chino Hills and Rancho Cucamonga! Lets Race!


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