Race and Shoot Party@ Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!


Let Fast Lap Las Vegas host your next event, be it a straight race day or a combo of events Fast Lap is the place you can trust to have a great time!

Our Mini Grand Prix is one of our customers favorites!
Practice race, Qualifying Session, then the Championship Race for a Fast Lap Trophy! $65 per person.

Race and Shoot: Pick-up from your hotel, Fast Lap Mini Grand Prix, transportation over to the Gun Range for a shooting Championship, then back to your hotel. $195 per person.

Race and Fly: Same as the “Race and shoot” just replace the shooting range with Indoor Skydiving! $135 per person.

How about all three together, Fast Lap will arrange a day of extreme fun for your group! All three $275 per person! Fast Lap can also add a box lunch, cater in food and beverage at Fast Lap or stop at a local eatery. We have been providing fun in Las Vegas for the past 8 years…. Call Lew direct for more information at 310-753-0955

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