Race and Shoot Party’s at Fast Lap Karting

If you have a group from 6 to 12 and looking for something exciting to do besides the regular Vegas stuff, then schedule the “Race and Shoot” with Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing.

“Race and Shoot” $240 per person:-

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your strip Hotel, (off-strip a couple more bucks)
  • Mini Grand Prix at Fast Lap, Practice race, Qualifying session, Championship race for Fast Lap Trophy.
  • Transporation to the Shooting Range
  • Shoot 3 magazines of bullets in a machine gun, like Tommy Gun, UZI or AK47
  • Hand gun competition for a Hat ot T-Shirt!
  • Back to your Hotel! Total time a little over 4 hours, it’s a blast!

Fast Lap has always been known as the “Real Race Place” with our Honda gas powered race karts, the sight sound and feel of real racing available to the general public. The shooting range is by far Las Vegas’s best! Over the past couple of years many ranges have opened up, but simply can’t compare to the facility Fast Lap uses. Get your reservation in soon as Las Vegas busy part of the year is upon us.

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is just 3 blocks from the famed “Las Vegas Strip”! From the Cosmopolitan go west on Harmon 2 long blocks over the I-15 freeway past the Panarama Towers to Polaris, turn right and head north one block Fast Lap will be on the right!

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